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virginia coal mine. terrell brown reports on the deadliest coal mining accident in this country since 1984. >> reporter: poisonous gas is keeping workers from rescuing workers inside a coal mine. >> the conditions were to a point where they were risking their own lives in an attempt to get in. >> reporter: the hound is holding on to hope that the men are still alive. the families of 25 other miners are slowly getting word that the loved ones did not survive the massive underground explosion. ben lost her father. he was five weeks away from returning. >> we were his life. coal mining came next. >> reporter: the explosion happened 30-miles south of charleston. the mine has a history of safety problems for not properly ventilating highly combustible methane gas. right now crews are working to release the toxic gases. right now they are hoping later it will be safer to go back inside to rescue the men. >> it will be later today before we can get back in. >> reporter: before the crews evacuated the mine they reached an air-tight rescue chamber and found it empty. it is possible the men made it
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off butler versus michigan state and west virginia versus duke. great games. all of the action starts at 6:00 p.m. >> still ahead, at noon, new benefits and old drug could reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. >> for instant updates on the news update the first weather forecast log on to our web sight. researchers found taking avatar would improve that finding by 23 % and more research finds screening could lead to fewer heart attacks and death. could be more cost effective at the same time. the current recommendation suggests starting to screen for type ii die beat he's. the computer model compares different age groups. fines starting as early as age 30 would be more than official. >> be sure to check in with eyewitness news today at 4, 5 and 6. a shopping discovery. new mexico police find body parts including a skull. >> it's all the rage on you tube. georgia girls singing in the car. the serious reason the dad made this video public. join us for the day's breaking news. today at 4 right after dr. phil. >> stay with us the 5 day forecast is coming right up. ,,, allergies? chlor
, raleigh county, west virginia. >>> most acknowledge they don't expect to find the miners alive and the poisonous gases filled the tunnels since monday afternoon's blast. >>> there's a bomb scare near washington and ron has the latest. >> reporter: well, high, jessica, it started when a diplomat lit up a cigarette from a bathroom in an airplane bound for denver. he was asked about the smell of smoke and he joked he was trying to light his shoes. the air marshalls restrained him and the plane landed safely. no explosives were found during the search of the plane. >>> thank you, ron. authorities say he'll not face charges. >>> here, another warm day with temperatures into the 80s. taking a live look outside and we'll anticipate rain. and we're live with the complete coverage. marty bass is outside and tim williams is in the weather center. >>> well, marty wasn't calling the home run shot, he was pointing to something he'll tell you about in a second. we're talking about the first warning doppler weather radar and this is coming in our direction, we have a front and bringing with i
are sending signals into a west virginia coal mine and so far, they're not getting response from the miners. they're hoping to find four miners alive and a short time ago, they announced they'll need to drill three holes before the rescuers can safely enter the mine. >> we have two locations we talked about earlier that the people were unaccounted for, three in one area and one in the other. they'll fan out in two different areas. >> the officials will need four or five hours to reach the area. this is the deadliest u.s. mining accident since 1984. >>> still to come on wjz-13 eyewitness news at noon. an arrest at an airport. you have to hear what two women tried to smuggle on a plane. >>> could there be a royal engagement? >> stick around, your complete forecast is coming up. ,,,, are you making it easier for bacteria to grow on your dentures? you are if you use toothpaste instead of soaking them in polident toothpaste is abrasive on dentures look, scratches where bacteria can collect and grow and bacteria can cause bad breath that's why i recommend replacing toothpaste with polident only p
the west virginia coal mine. >>> the vatican says that the pope is willing to reach out and take another live look outside and stick around as the oriole's stretch out. we'll be back with the first warning doppler weather radar forecast. ,,,, [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill, because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone, for just $69.99 a month for six months -- three top-rated services for one rock-bottom price. but don't wait, this is your last chance. fios gives you what cable doesn't: the best channel lineup and the most hd, facebook and twitter on your tv, plus america's top-rated internet. fios is the future, but after april 17th this price will be history. get fios tv, internet and phone for just $69.99 a month for six months with a two-year agreement. call now. if you stick with cable, you'll be stuck with the bill. last chance to get three fios services for an amazing $69.99 a month for six months. call 1-888-884-fios. that's 1-888
headquarters from los angeles to the east coast and today we know it is choosing between two sites in virginia. the contractor provides aerospace, electronics and shipbuilding services that employs 120,000 people. >>> beautiful day today. live look outside right now. blue skys and clouds moved back in. wait until you see the forecast for the days to come. we are live with complete first warning coverage for you, marty bass in the outback, and burn bernadette woods woods live if the weather center. >> five day later in the show. here is a preview, what we are dealing with is no rain. it is all moved out of the picture. what we have been dealing is now up over new england there is this storm passing by just to our southwest. we will get some clouds as we head through the afternoon. show you on the satellite radar t rain around through the overnight in to the early morning hours, but in the last couple of hours that's got ant of here, clouds mixing with sunshine. west there are clouds associated with the second storm. we will see some of that as we head through the afternoon. over the next few da
the explosion in west virginia. and a new very serious reason to keep your children from watching r rated movies. join us for these stories and the breaking news today at 4 right after dr. phil. >>> and please stay with us. your five-day forecast is next. , z >>> welcome back everybody. we are work on the five-day. for more on that here's marty. >> well, when you look at this i say wow take a look. the sun is coming out. look at the meteorologist and are joy sure about that he said the last teem i looked i think so. here at deal. tomorrow it looks like it's going to be a gray day start with showers around. and you may have a beautiful sunset. we will trend that way through the day. depends on how long it will take to clear the skies out. 63 a little bit of a breeze. and wednesday we clear it out 56. and almost 70. 75to 77 and gorgeous bernadetteette woods is sure about that. >> that's how i sound. i'm done with all these lists. and driving all over town. i want one list. for one store. [ female announcer ] at safeway, you get it all. great quality and great prices. so you just need a safeway lis
to work together. >>> the bodice of all 29 miners killed in west virginia have been recovered. a spokeswoman says that the last bodies are at a medical examiner's office. it paves the way for federal investigators to enter the mine. >>> another blow to toyota's reputation. consumer reports gave the lexus gx 460 a rare don't buy warning. they say it could rollover due to a delay. four engineers tested the same problem and consumer research says they're investigating the matter. >> the astronauts on discovery completed their third and final space walk. they finished a storage tank and they ran into a few problems including a stuck valve. discovery will depart on saturday and return to earth on monday. and still ahead, as you take another live look outside, stick around, the complete first warning forecast 2 1/2 minutes away and first, the midday stocks and followed by the multimatch numbers. ,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn with the fertilizer that gives you the most for your money. scotts turf builder. it has what other fertilizers don't. s
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9